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Message from a concerned constituent

Use this to send a message to Springfield lawmakers, the governor and leaders of both parties

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Use Sound Off to look up and send a message to your lawmakers in Springfield on any topic about which you feel strongly. Your 1 message will go to your state representative and state senator and also to the governor and the four leaders of the General Assembly.

Just delete the sample text in the box on the next screen and replace it with your own. If you want to make the text window bigger to view your whole message as you type, just click and drag the lower right corner where you see the diagonal lines.

Your email will be sent with the subject line, "Message from a concerned constituent."

To make your message as effective as possible, make it as short and specific as you can. Be sure to include your senator's and representative's name in the salutation (Dear Rep. Smith and Sen. Jones).  If you are writing about a statewide issue, include Gov. Rauner, Speaker Madigan, President Cullerton and Leaders Durkin and Radogno. If there is a specific bill you're concerned about, mention it by bill number or subject.

If you are writing with a suggestion specific to your district, provide details about your problem or suggestion.