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No to outrageous, secret severance deals

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First,the Metra board granted its outgoing CEO a$718,000 severance package. Next, all but one of the College of DuPage board of trustees voted to give President Bob Breuder a $762,000 severance deal. He already gets an $8,400 car allowance, an $18,000 housing allowance, a $33,000 professional development stipend and 42 paid days off each year. Then comes word that Breuder, his top staff and the trustees who granted the deal have spent nearly $190,000 in taxpayer dollars on pricey wine and meals at the college's French restaurant Breuder championed.


This sort of secret dealing and dining on boards and at government agencies has got to stop. State lawmakers are drafting a series of bills to cap severances, create public review periods for all contracts over $150,000, recall college trustees and others from office, audit funds, shorten trustee terms to four years from six, and boost transparency and accountability in the wake of these scandals.