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Let's lower LLC fees to grow small businesses

Why is it so costly to form a Limited Liability Corporation?

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It costs $500 to file as an LLC in Illinois, while the average cost nationwide is less than $200. The fee is unreasonably excessive and the highest in the country. LLCs are the preferred structure for many small businesses because they afford the same protections and tax benefits as corporations. Their flexibility helps companies secure financing and grow.

There is legislation in the Illinois Senate (SB 680) that would reduce the fee for filing as an LLC from$500 to $39 and for series LLCs from $750 to $59. This bill has received bipartisan support.

High LLC fees in Illinois are hurting small businesses and hampering job creation and business growth. Ask your state lawmakers to encourage small business creation and vote for legislation to reduce LLC fees now. Want more? Read this guest view from the Small Business Advocacy Council of Illinois.