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No to higher, permanent income taxes

No new spending without budget cuts

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Some politicians are pushing a permanent income tax increase. They want to spend $3.6 billion more than last year's budget, which also increased spending over the previous year. How about some spending discipline? There has been no talk of any spending cuts, but we continue to hear about wasted spending on the $55 million Neighborhood Recovery Initiative and a push for $100 million for an Obama library. Not to mention lawmakers voted to start paying themselves again for 12 furlough days they had been taking, in other words, they boosted their own pay by $3,100. Illinois collects more of our tax dollars than ever before. The state has cut its overdue bill backlog, but it's projected we still will have $5.4 billion in unpaid bills by the end of the current fiscal year. Our politicians need to show they can cut and spend responsibly first before they try to ask us for more. The personal income tax rate in Illinois is set to fall to 3.75 percent on Jan.1, 2015 from the 5 percent tax rate we pay now. They told us the 5 percent rate would be temporary.Tell politicians no to an income tax increase now.