6 awesome facts about Bill Murray’s new golf line, William Murray Golf

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September 21, 2016

On Sept. 21st, theCHIVE and Bill Murray along with his brothers — Joel, Brian Doyle, Andy, Ed, and John — announced their launch of a new golf line called William Murray Golf.

What’s not to like about that partnership? You’ve got golf, Bill Murray and of course — lots and lots of Chicago pride. Here are some interesting facts about the new golf line and the story behind the clothing.


article image Credit: thechivery.com

6. It's all in the details

If you take a closer look at the William Murray official logo, you’ll notice it is a faceless golfer casually tossing his club away. Check out the neat story that inspired the unique logo:

In 2011, Bill Murray was at his favorite golf tournament, The Pebble Beach Pro-Am, when Getty photographer Ezra Shaw caught a moment of the film icon after his second shot on the 5th hole. But there was something about that magic moment that embodied everything about Bill Murray in one casually irreverent toss of a club….It had struck a nerve in the collective consciousness of America. We all saw some of ourselves in the casual club toss; it could have been a good shot or a bad shot, doesn’t matter, sometimes you just have to just let it go.

Another interesting detail: Check out the little plaid patch on the side of the hat. That’s the Murray family tartan, est. 1810, Scotland. It is also incorporated in the collar and sleeve of their Cubs-themed polo.

article image Credit: William Murray Golf's Facebook page

5. Proud Midwesterners

What can we say, we do it best in the Midwest! William Murray Golf was brought together by partnership with the Murray family  — Bill, Joel, Brian Doyle, Andy, Ed, and John — and theCHIVE. The Murray family is from the northern Illinois suburb of Wilmette and theCHIVE was started by two brothers from Ft. Wayne, Indiana — Leo and John Resig.

Another fun fact: The “CHI” in theCHIVE is a nod to Chicago.

article image Credit: William Murray Golf's Facebook page

4. Happy Birthday, Bill Murray!

The Sept. 21 launch date of William Murray Golf and the design of their first polo was chosen as a special 66th birthday present to Bill — the man, the myth, the Murray.

article image Credit: William Murray Golf's Facebook Page

3. This is the year.

The first polo shirt from the William Murray Golf line is Cubs-themed called, This is the YearFrom the William Murray Golf’s announcement:

This shirt is also an homage to one of the greatest cities in the world and a loyal community that has embraced theCHIVE since day one. You early adopters and loyalists know who you are—and we certainly haven’t forgotten. “This Is The Year” is for you, as well. Wear it proud, Chi-Town.

article image Credit: William Murray Golf's Facebook Page

2. Doin' good while lookin' good

A portion of the proceeds from their mini-launch will go to the Murray family’s favorite Chicago charity, the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls

article image Credit: theCHIVERY.com

1. theCHIVE and Bill Murray have a history

This isn’t the first time theCHIVE and Murray have “worked together” in the clothing industry. The popular website had major success with a t-shirt they launched years ago.

When theCHIVE’s executive asked Bill Murray about the popular shirt, he said he didn’t want money for it, but instead asked theCHIVE to donate to his foundation — Murray Bros. Caddyshack Foundation.

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