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Here’s the next Illinois episode of “Cut the Crap!”

Madeleine DoubekReboot Illinois

Apr 03, 2017

Bah-da-buh-bad-da! Helloooo, welcome back, everyone. It’s time for another episode of that Illinois game show you hate to love, “Cut the Crap!”

Contestants are you ready? Let’s get out our axes and get whackin’ because last week was filled with more baloney than Illinois has overdue bills. And we all know that’s sayin’ something.

  • Gov. Rauner’s bought-and-paid-for Illinois Republican Party didn’t even wait for the press conference to send out a statement lambasting a group of Democrats offering up a “Comeback Agenda.” The GOP actually tried to suggest Rauner had gotten to the notion…

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    Join us. There has never been a more critical time to Reboot Illinois...

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